Bentley Ute to Serve Gentlemen’s Farming Needs

Bentley Ute

Bentley Ute pick-up is to be sold with no reserve at the Australian International Motor Show on July 10th. Somehow, this article raised question: have you ever wondered what would happen if someone made a greyhound/pig hybrid? Well, this is probably the reason why the Bentley Ute is going under the hammer.

The Bentley Ute pick-up is based on a 1956 Bentley S1 Saloon and has a bespoke timber load bed where the rear seat passengers would normally be, so instead of chauffeuring a millionaire, the car can now drive a pig to market. The owner of the vehicle will offer complete documentation for the car, both before and after its transformation from deluxe transport to rural Aussie workhorse.

The Bentley Ute pick-up was purchased new in London from Jack Barclay Limited in Mayfair, London by Charles Lloyd-Jones, then-owner of the David Jones retail chain, who later sold it to John Vawser Motors of New South Wales.

The Right Honourable 6th Earl of Stradbroke Keith Rous then bought it and made the very bizarre decision to turn it into a Bentley Ute pick-up, with the work carried out by George Williams of Camperdown, New South-Wales. Could you imagine making a pickup version of something like a BMW M3… wait… never mind.

The Bentley Ute pick-up has since been maintained by Pro Star Motors in Hawthorn, Victoria and has been driven sparingly over the past 15 years, during which it has been displayed regularly at the Australian National Motor Museum. This year, the Earl gave it away to the Melbourne Trinity Grammar School, requesting that it be “used by the School, or to be sold to donate funds to the School”.

Bentley Ute pick-up is expected to sell for $22,000-$32,000 when it hits the auctioneer’s block next month at the Australian International Motor Show on July 10th.


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