Bentley SUV Deadline Have to be Ready 2014

Bentley SUV

Bentley is challenged by the arrival of the Porsche’s Cayenne, so they speed up the planning for Bentley SUV. The information was acquired from Bentley’s Boss who wanted to introduce both next generation diesels and hybrid into the engine range. Could this be because the CEO of Bentley has the thing to do with Porsche Cayenne’s arrival?

So, Bentley really working hard on their Bentley Superluxury SUV which costing £150,000. The news about the Bentley Superluxury SUV spilled directly from Mr. Durheimer who states the SUV from Bentley will be revealed in 2014. There is no stopping move for  Bentley now, as the SUV is being developed at Crewe where design chief Dirk van Braeckel and engineering Boss Uli Eichhorn are giving all they can.

Well, we have to admit that the current Bentley line-up is representing the way of life of soccer superstars and rappers which not really into our taste. Just imagine, what in the world will be if Porsche has no Cayenne on their line-up? Exactly… It will be hideous, don’t you think? Suppose Durfheimer able to pull the Bentley SUV off, it will surely have the kudos from automotive worlds. “I have great faith in the SUV market and it’s here to stay,” says Durheimer.

The German’s SUV is usually spell luxury, notice the word “luxury” which resemblance with Bentley, right? We predict that Bentley SUV will be luxury woods and leathers and outstanding wheels. The platform that underpins the SUV is still a subject of debate although Volkswagen Group’s new MLB for in-line mounted engines is the most likely candidate. Just for comparison, Bugatti Veyron offers its 1000 horsepower, and the execs at Bentley expected the Bentley SUV must have 1000 Nm of torque which definitely the proper big number for gentlemen’s off-roader.

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  1. Could it be true, do you receive a free years way to obtain meats whenever you purchase a Bentley? I keep hearing this rumor being thrown around so I wish to determine if it is true or otherwise!

  2. I can not appear to obtain the 2009 ratings, and when anybody knows what position does Bentley hold I must know. Thanks

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  4. This is perfect for the women!!!! What can you rather visit a guy driving, A Variety Rover or perhaps a Porsche 911?

    I’ve got a $118,000 Mercedes S55 AMG which i wanna sell cause im fed up with it! and that i been with them for like 4 yrs now. So im trying to puzzle out things to get next! I’ve had nearly EVERY vehicle made besides A Bentley or Ferrari, ex…. The very first time im really unsure things i want…. So Alil input could be nice. AND NOOO DUMB Solutions! thanks….

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  8. This can be a serious question…Bentley is gifted (no use slating him now that he’s a Spurs player Gooners, he used to be known as the following Becks by everyone) yet he wasn’t coded in exactly the same caress that Arsene helps produce French talent like Nasri (providing them with time etc)

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    OQ: Will Gibbs and Wilshere be Bentleys too?

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