Tuning Series: Audi A1 by Eibach

Eibach Audi A1

Another tuning series news and this time, it’s the Audi A1 by Eibach. Just look at the photos; can the coupe hatchback be more aggressive than this? Question: how many tuning houses you know have the guts to play with the A1? Customizing the coupe hatchback is not that easy, but it seems like Eibach once able to pull it off. Eibach is not only an expert tuning house, but they have other expertise too which is the suspension specialist.

Eibach Audi A1 - side view

Eibach stated that the reason why they chose to play with Audi A1 is because they want to give the coupe hatchback a balanced modification project that has major attention on the tech side of the car. In order to be able to reach that goal, Eibach asked the help from Bilstein and Bilstein is happy to offer their new B12 Pro-Kit.  That kit makes the A1 closer to the road by 40mm but drivers can adjust them from the dampers.

Eibach Audi A1 - rear view

Notice that awesome tires? The Audi A1 gets Borbet XA wheels in 18×8 size with a multi-spoke design and placed on 12mm Eibach spacers. It’s not complete if customizing A1 without even tweaking the engine a little bit, right? The ordinary engine for the A1 is the 1.4L TSI turbocharged that able to offer 122 horsepower and after upgraded, its able to deliver 157 horsepower. To complete the performance system, Eibach mounted a Remus exhaust system for the A1 that uses 84mm tailpipes and of course, a remap ECU.

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