Technological Features of the Latest Audis

The newest Audi models have some of the most innovative technological features available on the market today. Audi AG, based in Ingolstadt, Germany, is the maker of sedans, SUVs, Coupes, and Convertibles, including the Audi A4, A6, Q5, TT, and Cabriolet. The company’s vehicles are well known for their space shell technology, high performance, and sleek design. Audi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen with its own distinctive design mark and style.

The types of technological features in the latest Audis include self-parking or autonomous car parking, Audi Connect (Wi-Fi hotspots with integrated 3G/4G for on the road Internet access), and an ignition sequence start. Below, each of these technological features are discussed in more detail.

Pilot Parking (Audi Self-Parking Feature) 

The self-parking feature is something seemingly out of a 1960s science fiction magazine or an unused Star Trek script. The feature, first demonstrated in January 2013, allows an Audi car owner to park by simply pressing a button on their console or entering a command from their smart phone.

Accurate to within 10 centimeters, the pilot-parking feature may prove to be a valuable commodity for Audi owners, particularly those who live in a large city or people who are late to an event or activity. The feature works off of the vehicle’s ability to detect free spots based on signals that they transmit to on-car sensors. There are some additional technological considerations to work through, but when it becomes available, the pilot-parking feature will be a much-anticipated technological advancement for Audi.

Audio Connect 

Audi’s Audio Connect is the first Internet connection to be installed into a car. Featuring 3G/4G Internet connectivity, Audi Connect provides the driver with navigational and traffic information in real-time, easing the burdens of the road and commute on drivers. The feature uses Google Earth and Google Street View to provide mapping and location services for the vehicle’s owner. Audio Connect also makes Facebook and Twitter available in audio forms in order to promote hands-free use and to keep the driver’s attention focused on the road.

4G Internet is available mostly in Europe while 3G connectivity is provided to U.S. Audi owners via T-Mobile’s 3G network. The display for Audi Connect is built into the respective vehicle’s dash and pops up to give the driver a view of mapping and other functions.

Traffic Sign Recognition 

European Audi owners have access to a technology that identifies road signs in order to adjust the vehicle’s speed or to stop the car. Using front facing cameras, the car’s traffic sign recognition technology can read information on an approaching traffic sign and adjust the vehicle’s approach accordingly.

Pilot Parking, Audio Connect, and traffic sign recognition are just a few of the technological features provided by Audi that make its cars stand above others. These options will soon become a standard for other carmakers and their vehicles, as Audi continues to be an industry leader in developing and delivering usable technology to its owners.


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Image credit goes to Car-News.

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