Rumor: An Entry-Level for Audi TT?

 2011 Audi TT

Can you imagine that the Audi TT will be having its entry-level segment or in our term affordable car? No need to imagining as the UK division of Audi has officially announced the new model year for the TT will be offering an affordable version that is powered by 1.8L turbocharged TFSI petrol engine in the form of coupe. Wait… an affordable TT model in coupe version? That is one bold step makes by Audi, don’t you think? So, how affordable will be the TT coupe?

The Audi TT coupe might cost around £24,070 and with that amount of money, you can get power output around 160 horsepower. Not bad, right? Especially if you remember that the engine is already equips with turbocharged. The customers have the privilege to choose between the 6-speed manual transmission as standard option or the double-clutch S-Tronic transmission as the optional feature. There will be two models of the TT coupe namely the Sport and S line.

Taking the manual transmission Audi TT for sprint and you will hit 0 to 62 mph in 7.2 seconds with top speed reaches at 140 mph (225 km/h). As for the S-Tronic model, going 0 to 62 mph can be completed in 7.1 seconds and giving the same top speed. One thing we almost forget to tell you, the manual transmission and S-Tronic model are in FWD a.k.a the front-wheel-drive. You know what those figures remind us? A Volkswagen Golf. Could it be that the affordable TT coupe is the revised edition of VW Golf since the vehicle carries 211 horsepower and can reach the sprint at the exact same time?

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  1. I lately bought a 1999 Audi A4 also it included an all downhill cdm-9823 radio. I wish to take away the radio try not to know how to start. Any tips?

  2. Hi, i simply switched 18 and i am searching for my first vehicle. I saw the audi ad where there is this pedestrian recognition service set up in the vehicle. I’m wondering which audi designs include this selection?

  3. i simply purchased a 2000 audi 2.7 a6 does anybody have suggestions regarding how to boost the performance securely? Or any aftermarket ideas?

  4. I’ve got a 96 audi a4 2.8 quattro. It has 97,000 miles and i believe the clutch goes. Will it be to hard that i can try to change it myself? Can someone please produce instructions how to get it done or let me know just how much it ought to be to become relapaced?

  5. I’ve an audi a4 2003 and it doesn’t appear to change after i make use of the tiptronic area of the gear selector.

  6. I lately purchased a second hands Audi and also have lately learned that the sunshine behind the controls within the center console (temperature, air control, rear window heater etc) has disappeared. Can someone let me know how you can fix or change it to ensure that they’re illuminated again? Thanks!

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