New Wheels for Audi R8

Audi R8 with HRE Wheels

Each automaker has the star of their production such as Volkswagen with its Beetle, Porsche with its 911, BMW with its M-Series, and of course, Audi with its R8. This German sportscar has attracted many attentions and create its own die-hard fans. One of the noticeable features on R8 is the V10 engine that will rip off your ear when you hear the sound.

Now, customizing the Audi R8 is a bit tricky because its overall look is flawless and almost perfect. It’s like requesting Angelina Jolie to get her lips done which will make everything worst. But it doesn’t mean you can change the “innocent” appearance of the R8. Thanks to the tuning houses and their creative, out of the box way of thinking, what you see on the photo is Cinderella with new glass shoes.

Audi R8 with HRE Wheels - close up

Yes, the Cinderella with the new glass shoes is the Audi R8 that sits on multi-spoke, satin-finished HRE P43S alloy rims. Shoes number? We mean the tire size? It’s the killing 19-inch size, folks. You know, if the R8 sportscar is real life Cinderella, it can only raises one question: what kind of Prince suitable for her? Since this is German sportscar, all we can say is: who can be so lucky to own the R8 with HRE wheels?

Audi R8 with HRE Wheels - engine

If Cinderella has those beautiful dresses and tiaras, the Audi R8 carries fierce twin-turbo V10 engine. The engine compartment is made from carbon fiber and just to imagine how this sportscar will go on dyno test, it gives us the creep. Not the creep of scared, but more like the creep of knowing the engine capability of the R8 sportscar.

6 thoughts on “New Wheels for Audi R8”

  1. This can be a Christmas gift in my nephew and I wish to make certain he is able to use the overall game on his Xbox 360 basically purchase it for him. Does the overall game require this peripheral? I’ve no clue what creates Xbox 360. Thanks.

  2. i understand Audi R8 is backwheel drive, and it is a great drifter. how come back wheel drive cars drift better?

  3. I visited a car show a week ago which new cars experienced my attention:

    Audi R8

    Buick Enclave

    Dodge Challenger

    Dodge Viper SRT 10

    Ford Airstream

    Ford Interceptor

    GMC Yukon Hybrid

    Nissan GTR

    Pontiac Solstice Coupe

    Toyota Venza

    Your thinking are welcome.

    Okay, what about in ank kind of race then? Which vehicle costs better there?

  4. I do not wanna create a fool of myself, I’m able to drive stick, but I am no professional, I needed to understand when the clutch needed to be lifted high before you decide to hit the gas, or maybe it wants more gas as the clutch is gloomier, how sensitive could it be, ect. I understand you will never tell before you drive it as you have to feel it, however i wanted to understand if anybody could assist me… THANKS!!!

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