The Latest Technologies Coming From Audi


cr 525fced73d2927430a156bbdb9e6b1a6 Audi TechnologiesGerman car manufacturing giant Audi is one of the worldwide leaders when it comes to automotive technology. They often come up with new, innovative technologies that are intended to improve a car's performances, but also increase traffic safety and fuel economy.

Predictive Suspension

This system is the latest addition to the series of technologies that are part of the predictive intelligence concept, which Audi is trying to implement on each of their models. They've had huge success with previous technologies that are similar to this one, such as the adaptive cruise control and the active lane assist. The predictive suspension system is developed with one goal in mind: to help drivers avoid potholes, and enjoy a smooth ride. It's a pretty intricate system, involving cameras, sensors, special software and a unique suspension system design.

There is a forward-facing camera that is mounted on the rear-view mirror, which along with sensors, scans the road 65 feet

ahead, and sends information about road conditions to the software system, which analyzes this information and works to adjust the suspension system accordingly. Then, the specially designed suspension system will lower or raise the wheels, so that the car can go over bumps and potholes, and passengers won't feel the changes on the road surface. This will definitely help reduce the number of car accidents and make your ride more comfortable.

Audi Wireless Charging

This technology is developed in collaboration with WiTricity Corporation, and should revolutionize the way electric vehicles are charged. Electric cars have offer many benefits, and are very good for the environment, but there are a couple of downsides that come with having an electric vehicle, such as the limited driving range they provide. The wireless charging technology includes an inductive charging system, which involves a coil installed in the ground at your driveway or garage, and another coil integrated in the car. Once you put your car into position, a magnetic field is activated and the charging begins. Charging electric vehicles will be much easier this way, and you won't have to get out of the car and put a cord in it to charge it. Audi plans to install these systems on as many locations as possible, such as parking garages, and even on streets and highways, and we can expect to see this technology being used as early as 2015.

Lately, Audi are mostly focusing on green technologies, developing the e-tron concept, a hybrid sports car, self-parking, as well as the wireless charging system and that's the directions where are they heading to in near future.


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  3. I have never had a straight answer..

    what’s the affiliation with volkswagen/audi/porsche/bently

    I understand the old porsche 914 were built with a supped up volkswagen beatle engine inside it…

    I understand the Volkswagen toureg engine has been utilized in the bottom porsche cayeen vehicle too

    The volkswagen phaeton engine is equivalent to among the bently cars too, however i know volkswagen is the owner of bently.

    but is volkswagen and porsche exactly the same company/subcompany

    or will they much like to make use ofOrreveal a few of the same technology

  4. We’re looking for a little Luxury Crossover. The minivan gets lengthy within the tooth and we’re searching for something more compact, more fuel efficient, and sportier. With all of this in your mind, What is your opinion is better? If you do not be aware of segment off the top your mind, here’s a listing of rivals as well as their prices when built to what we should want:

    Audi Q5 2.0T ($46k)

    BMW X3 X28i ($48/49k)

    Mercedes Benz GLK ($51/52k)

    Cadillac SRX ($45k)

    Range Rover Evoque ($50k or $55k based on Pure versus Prestige trim)

    Acura RDX ($40k)

    There’s even the Volvo XC60, but we’re not too sure on that certain. We virtually eliminated the Lexus RX, only one might make a disagreement for this if you want.

    Additional factors…the Audi and Range Rover both obtain the best MPG as the Merc raises the trunk. I’ve heard complaints about numb steering within the Merc and cramped seating too, but I wish to read your comments. But in addition further notice, the SRX, GLK, and Q5 are getting refreshes later this season which might change the overall game. The Merc could get a Diesel option along with a new gas engine. Unsure which is best.

    Taking all that into account, what is your opinion is better? I understand there’s quite a variety of prices there but when a far more costly vehicle makes it worth while, we’ll go for this. No use within cheaping by helping cover their this segment as it is costly already. Thanks ahead of time for the help!

    Just indication…I didn’t remember to say Infiniti. They’ve the EX, but it’s laughably small. We would like something more compact, however the back chair for the reason that is really a joke. They likewise have the Forex, but it’s too oddball, too not practical, and too costly. And good point on reliability….we value that a lot, though we take very good proper care of our cars and i believe any one of individuals brands available online for (save for Range Rover maybe) could be pretty reliable with good care.

    Another Note…

    – Used to do more research and also the GLK Should really obtain a Diesel option and new gas engine for 2013…..Link: http://world wide

    – The Audi is going to be rejuvenated for 2013 too, I believe the two.0T will remain however the 3.2 V6 should be changed through the 3.0T in the A6 allegedly.

    — Wanted to obvious a few some misconception.

  5. Lexus is really a well-crafted vehicle and also the leading Luxury vehicle in america during the last nine years running. based on “spammer” They’re Re Badged Toyotas because that’s parents company, He’s Ignorant and when his theory held true then..

    Should you Drove an Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, or Porsche, You’d be Driving a… VOLKSWAGEN. so enjoy your V-Dub Gallardo

    Should you Drove a Jaguar, Landrover or Volvo, you’d be driving a…FORD. Tell THAT towards the guy that payed $115,000 for any Supercharged Range Rover.

    Everyone dodge Neon men holds your heads high because should you have had one between 1999-2007 You know what you had been driving?… A Completely New Mercedes Benz!!

    If you’re driving a Dodge Charger your Suspension really originated from the Mercedes E Class , and also the Pacifica got its suspension in the E Class too. The Crossfire is really a Rebadged SLK.

    You will find no damaging cars within the Luxury Segment. Just Different styles. I sell Lexus But I have possessed BMW’s and Mercedes previously.

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  7. could it be worth getting?

    is there interior view?

    is there some type of “free roam” mode where one can just drive round the city?

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    can u produce their email list of cars in the overall game?

  8. It ought to have these things hi-fi stereo system, a lcd t.v, a little chiller, a.c,sport looks, 4-5 seater plus some other techno things. please tell the model no and full specifications.

  9. Range rover, aston martin, porsche, and mercades benz have replicated Audi. Why did not they copyright thier lights

  10. I am considering purchasing a 2004 Infiniti FX35 AWD. Presently, the vehicle has about 52,000 miles, and it is packed with the game, technology, and touring packages, together with premium wheels and Bose audio system. Selling price is $20,000. But they are these cars reliable, and do you know the costs to keep it through the years? At this time, the automobile has low miles, but after 100,000 exist lots of problems like there’s in European cars? And performs this take premium or regular gas? I can not appear to locate a straight answer these vary.

    I’d rather not learn about the selling price or insurance charges. Individuals aren’t an problem in my experience.

  11. I have been hearing that Lexus is much better. I heard Lexus LS is easily the most technologically advanced vehicle on the planet, is that this true? I figured Mercedes-Benz S-class was. I’m not sure, I had been searching at LS also it appears just like a boring vehicle they are driving. It is always good to become driven in a single however i don’t believe I may wish to drive one. It appears a little just like a old person’s vehicle for me. Individuals are saying Lexus is much better though. I usually saw Lexus like a large Toyota so I am getting a difficult time modifying for this idea. Is Mercedes-Benz really that not-reliable? Is Lexus really better? Is not price of possession exactly the same? Individuals are saying gangstas and wanna be mafias drive a Mercedes-Benz and intelligent people drive Lexus. Why most presidents possess a S-class than?

    I am type of confused since i trained Mercedes-Benz emerged with the awesome technologies first along with other companies adopted for them…

  12. that if you purchase the latest model cell phone when it’s launched it’s already old because there is a brand new one already going to emerge?

  13. By Terril Yue Johnson Reuters,

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s new leadership needs to dismantle a method of privilege that has permitted the motorists of military automobiles to complete as they wish around the streets.

    On Sunday china military started changing licence plates on its vehicles to hack lower on scores of automobiles, most of them plush luxury brands, which routinely break traffic laws and regulations and fill with free gas.

    The Individuals Liberation Military General Logistics Department started supervisory removing current military licence plates which will expire on Tuesday, the PLA Daily newspaper reported.

    Luxury sedans and sport utility automobiles with PLA and Individuals Armed Police licence plates gliding through red-colored lights or flashing lights and sirens to push aside cars before options are a typical sight in China.

    Recently named Leader Xi Jinping, who’s also chairman from the Central Military Commission and therefore the very best military official, has attempted to create fighting corruption a cornerstone of his administration, saying he’ll pursue corrupt authorities everywhere.

    Luxury German, American and Japanese cars and Sports utility vehicles with military plates — frequently provided to buddies and family people as favours — are among many manifestations of corruption in China that regularly upset regular people.

    Family people of upon the market military officials and who’ve military plates have stated free gasoline.

    “Obviously fighting against corruption is sort of a violent storm, and also the more you persist in pursuing something by putting your job at risk, the greater you encounter resistance,” Hu Xingdou, a professor of financial aspects at Beijing Institute of Technology as well as an anti-corruption investigator.stated. “For results, we’ll wait and find out.Inch

    Numerous high-finish auto brands is going to be banned from finding the new military license plates, including sedans from Mercedes-Benz , BMW , Jaguar , Porsche , Ford’s Lincoln subsequently, General Motors’ Cadillac, Volkswagen -possessed Bentley and also the Volkswagen Phaeton, Xinhua stated.

    Absent from Xinhua’s released list were Audi sedans, the obvious preference among Chinese authorities with use of government cars.

    Audi A7 Sports utility vehicles however were listed as off-limits, together with Porsche Cayennes along with other unspecified Sports utility vehicles. Range Rover and Lexus Sports utility vehicles with your plates will also be common in Beijing.

    Private and municipality automobiles may also be ineligible for that plates, in addition to any vehicle costing a lot more than 450,000 yuan (about $73,000), Xinhua stated.

    The insurance policy will further decrease sales of foreign brands into Chinese government fleets. Beijing has gone to live in bar certain government departments from purchasing foreign cars whatsoever, potentially excluding global auto brands from the market which is between 70 billion and 80 billion yuan.

    The brand new certification product is also designed to discount fake military plates by utilizing embedded electronic technology, the condition-run news agency Xinhua stated.

    “The move is supposed to crack lower around the creation, purchase and employ of counterfeit military vehicle plates and root out loopholes in military vehicle management, in order to maintain social harmony, stability and also the status from the military,” Xinhua cited the PLA General Logistics Department as saying inside a statement.

    The “Choose Best SolutionInch function no longer working again in here. WNL may have the very best Answer with remarks the following,

    This is just a small move which should did age range ago. After I was at China the military automobiles socialized like nobleman not improving rules and orders. Everywhere they went poor The Chinese needed to shoe-shine the idiots pretending military. A lot more abuses and corruptions needed crack lower. The planet is watching how sincere Xi Jinping is against corruptions. Because of all of the solutions.

  14. Three decades ago, luxury cars for example Mercedes, Cadillac, BMW, and Lincoln subsequently were based on cost and luxury features for example wood trim, leather seats, energy home windows, energy seats, good audio system, riding comfort, and good performance.

    Now, three decades later, many of these “luxury” features can be found in Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, and Hyundai models at non-luxury prices.

    So, why is a “luxury” vehicle any longer, apart from cost? The reply is not quality and reliability because Honda and Toyota are the most useful, and Merecedes and BMW are the worst. Would be the luxury brands going to trouble? Would they develop something which means they are special?

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