A Guide to Audi Racing Cars

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German auto manufacturer, Audi, has a rich racing tradition going all the way back to the International Austrian Alpine Rallies during the years from 1912 to 1914. The company was founded in 1909, so success in racing came quickly. Over the years the cars have proven competitive time and again, holding the bragging rights to victories and series championships. After a racing hiatus of many years, today they are again a highly respected brand in auto racing.

In 1932 Audi merged with four other car companies to form Auto Union, and the new company raced under the new Auto Union brand. The Audi name disappeared from the automotive marketplace in 1939. It did not reappear until the mid-1960s and racing did not return under the Audi brand until the late 1990s when Audi introduced the R8R followed by the R8C, neither of which were able to consistently challenge the leaders in sports-racing competition.

Audi re-emerges on the strength of the R8

But by the 2000 season, Audi had developed the R8 model to a winning formula. The R8 then won the American Le Mans series six straight years from 2000 through 2005, and placed first at the prestigious European 24 hours of Le Mans five of those six years. In 2003 the R8 placed third. The car’s dominance of its racing category was profound, to say the least.

The R8’s lightweight carbon-fiber body and 600+ h.p. V-8 engine produced record lap times at Le Mans during those first three championship seasons before rules changes reduced horsepower. But perhaps the most significant fact about the dominance of the R8 is this: out of 79 races the car entered, it won 63 times.

Replacements for the irreplaceable R8

The successor to the R8 was the R10, which turned out to be a great car in its own right, albeit with a shorter lifespan. The full model designation was R10 TDI, the later part meaning turbocharged direct injection. This car placed first at Le Mans in each of the three consecutive seasons it raced there (2006, 07, and 08) until being replaced by the R15. It won constructor’s championships in each of those seasons for Audi.

In 2009 the new R15 TDI employed a V-10 engine, replacing the V-12s that had been used in earlier models. The car was competitive but failed to win at Le Mans, in its first and only year there, also failing to win at the Petit Le Mans, and winning only three of its ten races entered. 

The car was revamped in 2010 as the R15 plus, and competed more successfully. At Le Mans, after trailing the leading Peugeots for most of the race, Audis finished 1-2-3. But that marked the high point for Audi in 2010 as the cars were unimpressive throughout the remainder of the season.

For the 2011 season Audi again entered an entirely new car, the R18 TDI, which did win at Le Mans, but did not impress for much of the season, with the company in fact choosing to field older R15s in some races. The new car was revamped for 2012 as the R18 ultra, and also as another model, the R18 e-tron quattro. These two models together performed well winning five times during the season, sweeping the top four finishing positions at both Spa and Le Mans. Audi again captured the World Endurance Championship in 2011 on the strength of these finishes.

Plans to race upgraded versions of the e-tron quattro in 2013


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  11. I am searching to accelerate my b7 a4 and never pay a leg along with a leg does anyone have suggestions

  12. I’m searching to buy one however i often hear you will find lots of hidden cost and merely regular maintenance could be pretty high. Also, I’ve heard Audi’s don’t have a re-sell value and are afflicted by mechanical problems.

    Any ideas? Any information could be appreciated.

  13. I’ve got a 1998 Audi A4 Quattro and i’m getting issues with the directional lights. They switch on, but they just do not blink. The hazard lights don’t switch on either. What will it be?

  14. I recieve the the Audi A4 may be the fundamental compact saloon, and it is the Audi same as the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class, which the Audi RS4 may be the sports form of the A4, and also the Audi same as the BMW M3 and Mercedes C-Class AMG. However, I can not begin to see the distinction between the Audi A4 and also the Audi S4 (obviously, in addition to A6/S6, A8/S8, etc). How would be the S models not the same as the A models? I do not intend on purchasing one, I am just curious. Thanks ahead of time.

    Therefore it is dependent on minor visual variations, and also the S4 is slightly faster compared to A4 but a lot slower because the RS4?

  15. I’m attempting to finance a vehicle, just finished college. Honestly anybody understand how much it might be to keep a 1999 Audi Quattro A4? It features a 100,000 miles onto it and it is being offered for $5,995. Is that this a great vehicle to purchase and drive, or would I be having to pay a leg along with a leg to help keep it maintained?

  16. I wish to give a Aftermarket Compact disc Player inside a 1998 Audi A6 which has a factory Bose system, I wish to keep everything exactly the same accept the mind unit. Can there be an adapter or soemething I have to Buy? Help!!! Thanks

    I love the task, Im adding a dvd player as well as an overhead lcd screen.

  17. I discovered a 2001 Audi a4 on craig’s list today. Everything looks good with the exception that it states it features a bad speed sensor which in turn causes a couple of lights around the dashboard in the future on as well as causes the brake light to expensive??? I understand this is an Audi but would this be really costly to repair??? Like just how much?

  18. Just how much wouldn’t it cost for insurance for any 16 years old male driving a 2001 Audi A6 in Minnesota?

  19. Ok, so there is a 2000 audi a6 within my town thats opting for alittle more then $3k. Everythings fine, just requires a new car windows. My parents are attempting to steer clear of it, simply because they think its likely to cost like almost 1k to obtain a new car windows.

    Just how much would a brand new car windows be for any 2000 audi a6?

  20. I wish to get my boy who’ll start driving soon a 2006 audi a4 in black that we found an incredible deal on. Wouldn’t it be the ideal choice? I’m searching for suggestions.

  21. I’ve got a P reg Audi A4 Avant 1.8. After I launch the dashboard shows an alert code around the odometer display showing the vehicle requires a service. I I service my very own cars, does anybody know a trick regarding the best way to totally reset it?

    Don’t let me know to visit Audi!

  22. I notice a digital connect under my arm relaxation of my 2004 Audi A6 2.7 T, but I don’t know what it’s for. I’ve been searching on the internet and people say its a telephone jack, yet it does not look anything just like a phone connect.

    If it’s some kind of digital camera, cannot I modify it to become phone charger or stereo system auxiliary connect?

  23. I am thinking about purchasing a 2001 Audi S4 with 13X,xxx miles onto it. How lengthy must i expect the transmission to last presuming nothing unusual is wrong by using it? Also, if anybody has specific details about rebuild or alternative costs, I’d be thankful.

  24. i simply purchased a 2000 audi 2.7 a6 does anybody have suggestions regarding how to boost the performance securely? Or any aftermarket ideas?

  25. A auto technician told us we have to switch the timing chain tensioner on the Audi a4 1.8 year 2003, the cas has around 70.000 miles.

    Just how much will be a reasonable price at work and just how much will be the cost from the part? We’re in TN.

  26. I lately bought a 1999 Audi A4 also it included an all downhill cdm-9823 radio. I wish to take away the radio try not to know how to start. Any tips?

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