Exhaust and Rear Apron for Audi A1 S-Line by Senner

Exhaust and Rear Apron for Audi A1 S-Line by Senner

Senner recently gave Audi A1 S-Line rear look. The German tuning house knows very well that dressing or customizing the sporty hatchback will only make the A1 S-Line be more irresistible. The A1 S-Line gets exterior and engine tuning.

The metallic brown Audi A1 S-Line equips with big wheels and some aesthetic modifications from Senner. Although it is on the same package, Senner is offering what they refer as “standalone” new rear apron. This is the exterior changes we are talking about. The apron is made from none other than glass-fiber-reinforced polymeric material FGPC. Also, you can’t miss the new double 90-mm tailpipes placed on either side of the car.

So, what else has Senner done to the A1 S-Line? Well, the original engine of the sporty hatchback is 1.6L TDI diesel that delivers 104 horsepower, other options are ranging from 1.2L TFSI and 1.4L TFSI. Now, Senner just can’t their hands off the engine, so they tuned the based engine that able to produce 165 horsepower.

The custom kit for Audi A1 S-Line by Senner completed with glue and bolt, so you can attach the rear apron to the factory bumper. Speaking of rear, we just can’t your eyes of off the diffuser that Senner stated for the A1 S-Line costs €299.90. That amount of price is including tax which we think its cheap compare to if you decide to buy customized exhaust.

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