Audi Urban Concept Teaser Video

Audi Urban Concept - real test

Just yesterday Audi spilled their latest project on the Audi Urban Concept, and the German automaker knew that public has gained pretty much high curiosity. So, Audi launched a teaser video and even put the Audi Urban Concept on the street.

The sketches of Audi Urban Concept had caused massive attention on online forum so Audi hopes the video teaser can thirst the quench over the 1+1 small car. Audi emphasizes that the Audi Urban Concept light car is designed for congested urban spaces. The cockpit of the Audi Urban Concept consists of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer which integrates the undercarriage of both seats.

The shots of the Audi Urban Concept car were taken at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin Germany. The test ride was intended to show how such a vehicle can be integrated into the landscape. We predicted that the sketches of the Audi Urban Concept car much likely came from the initial design phases of the project, as Audi showed a car that is much lower down and more elegant that what’s appeared on the video.

Audi Urban Concept will be powered by a couple of e-tron electric motors to a set of massive 21-inch diameter wheels. We can’t confirm if the sliding roof on the Audi Urban Concept is able to open or not. The sliding canopy on the Audi Urban Concept is intended for the driver and the passenger to enter the car is a production feature or not.

Here is what Audi thinks about their Audi Urban Concept car, “The highly concentrated look of the technical study, with its forward-urging lines, is dynamic and emotional – it lends Audi’s design language a completely new impetus. The Audi Urban Concept is not based on any previous model – its development is solely oriented on the strict principles of lightweight construction, efficiency and reduction. The result is a concept car with no unnecessary weight, and one that concentrates on the pure essence of sporty motion”. The official unveils for the Audi Urban Concept will take place at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show next month.

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  1. Well I heard that Saab is saved by Spyker. However, I am also hearing that they are likely to release an exciting new 9-5 for that 2011 model year, that will start production in April 2010. My point is, will this vehicle arrived at Canada and could it be seen in the 2010 Canadian Worldwide Autoshow in Feb? I am worried about this model.

  2. like kia is improving designs since there is a design studio in Frankfurt Germany handled by Peter Schreyer the man who designed the Audi TT plus much more.My question is the reason why would Hyundai let its sister company Kia succeed in design? are able to-auto-show-2011-kia-optima/?src=mv

    http://world wide are able to-auto-show/

    see that, they might put an acura badge onto it without a doubt with no you might notice it is not a genuine acura lol.

  3. Does anybody are conscious of any vehicle shows in europe/united kingdom which are approaching this season?


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