Audi TT Moving Closer to R8

cr 466d42d8790a9c39982bf46f566eb67b Audi Tt Next GenerationThe next TT will include the MQB Modular-Transversal architecture.  Audi is looking to its first generation car for its next generation.  It is anticipated that it will have a shorter front overhang and a longer wheelbase relative in relation to the car’s overall profile.  The overall footprint or vehicle size will remain relatively unchanged.

The TT's interior is flawless leaving no history to its VW Golf lineage.  A crafted interior is modern with a bit of flair with its faux suede and leather upholstery.  10 way power seats and navigation system bring the TT to full functionality.

The Audi was one of the pristine cars arriving in the late 90's with its dramatic front and rear profiles.  The Audi TT name is generated from a successful motor racing tradition of NSU Motorenwerke AG which later merged into the Audi Brand.  Both Technology and Tradition have been connected with the TT signature.

The TT was named after the Tourist Tropy race which is held on the British Isle of Man (Motorcycle Race).  The front or all wheel drive is a 2 seat tourer not fully fitting into a sports car or sport coupe or roadster classification.  Its heavy curb weight and soft suspension prevented the full sporty feel and perception.  There are sporty TTS and RS variants, however, if that is your cup of tea.

The TT is all about unique style and relaxing ride.  The optional magnetic ride suspension and all weather traction give the TT some additional offerings.



Vehicle Dynamics:

Manufacturer:  Audi AG

Production:  1998 – Current

Current Production Models include:  2 Door Coupe, 2 Door Roadster

Specific Models:  TT Coupe, TT Roadster, TTS Coupe, TT RS Coupe, TTS Roadster, TT RS Coupe, TT RS Roadster

Production Facility:  Ingolstadt, Germany (body shell); Gyor, Hungary(engines and final assy)

Platform:  Volkswagen Group A Series (original A4 (PQ34))

Engine:  Transverse Front

Architecture:  MQB Modular-Transversal

Manufacturing and Painting:  Ingolstadt Plant

Top End HP:  TT RS @ 400 horsepower

Audi subsidiary Audi Hungaria Motor Kft



23 cubic feet of cargo space

Bluetooth Technology

Satellite Radio

Bose Stereo

Leather Stitching

Coupe Rear Seating

Front and All Wheel (Quattro 4 Wheel Drive) Drive Platform

4/5 cylinder Engines

Front-Mounted Transversely Oriented Engine

Fully Independent Front Suspension

MacPherson Struts

5 thoughts on “Audi TT Moving Closer to R8”

  1. I lately bought a 1999 Audi A4 also it included an all downhill cdm-9823 radio. I wish to take away the radio try not to know how to start. Any tips?

  2. The Audi car dealership is estimating me 14 hrs to exchange “both areas of clutch disc” and also the master/slave cylinders within an Audi S5 for any total bill of £2,650. Since a large amount of this price is likely work – and 14 hrs seems like a really very long time for any trained Audi auto technician to exchange a clutch (essentially 2 full days with him doing little else), I am wondering if they’re ripping me off slightly. Can somebody confirm how lengthy I ought to expect it to consider?


    Thanks for the feedback everybody – I am unsure how you can reply straight to you both so I’ll add more detail in here…

    Model is 2007/08 Audi S5 about 65k miles around the clock. From warranty regrettably.

    One factor I do not understand (and perhaps I am just showing my lack of knowledge of the things motoring) however the scenario was this: the clutch have been absolutely fine until recently, not saturated or biting late/early. I ended the vehicle, left it a couple of hrs, returned to begin it, pressed the clutch completely directly into start and also the clutch never returned out – I had not got so far as putting it in gear yet. Is the fact that enough to eliminate “both areas of the clutch disc”? I’d initially assumed it has to are just the actualOrservant cylinder that went – could which have removed another bits too? Or perhaps is the dealership just using the chance to perform a little work around the vehicle…?

    I am located in Berkshire and was considering just calling a couple of

  3. I am unsure if the commercial is totally new or old however i just lately began seeing it on television. In my opinion it shows a lot of clips of old Audi advertisements mixed together and it is offer a bit of music clip that’s hard rock-ant. The advertisement is perfect for an Audi 4 Quattro or something like that like this. I can not discover the commercial anywhere and I am trying to puzzle out exactly what the seem clip comes from. Any help could be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  4. I’m wondering particularly concerning the Audi R8 along with a personalized form of it, the ABT Audi R8 GTS. How does one drive these cars around the roads without scraping them on speed bumps, front yard curbs, ramps, etc.? Would I must have it lifted?

  5. Just purchased a 2001 Audi A4 1.8T with 104xxx miles. I expect to do all of the needed regular maintance. I have heard these cars run lengthy if well-maintained?

    I am just asking becuase I intend to mod the vehicle, only will if I am sure the engine may take it.

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