Audi S5 Special Edition for the Last V8

2012 Audi S5

You will no longer found the V8 engine on the next Audi’s models as the German carmaker decided to put an end to the most loveable engine. Just last week Audi announcing the facelifted 2013 A5 and S5 are about to invade US market where both models offer the fresh redesigned headlights and hexagonal grilles. To commemorate the last V8 engine, the German automaker releases the Audi S5 coupe special edition. Please notice that the photos we attached is not the S5 coupe special edition, but 2012 S5 model.

The 4.2L V8 engine has been around longer than we know and Audi needs to replace the naturally-aspirated with the one which more efficient. This engine which lastly powering the Audi S5 special edition has total power output around 354 horsepower. Now, it is very unfair that amount of power is installed on the coupe model because we think that convertible or roadster sportscar will be more appropriate.

The replacement for the V8 is none other than what refers as more frugal but less impressive 333 horsepower of 3.0L supercharge V6. What a great idea where Audi puts the last naturally-aspirated V8 into S5 coupe special edition and the next models will be powered by V6 that already been supercharged. The special edition is for sale at US market only and no additional power, but the customers are getting the 19-inch Titanium alloys and an exclusive interior design from Audi.

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