Audi Q6 Challenges BMW X6 in 2016

Audi Q6

Audi Q6 will be Audi’s new weapon to take on BMW X6. As one of German car makers, Audi has a blast success with is Q line-up of crossovers and SUV, while its rival – BWM, is newbie with its BMW X5. We get the impression here that Audi Q6 wants to challenge BMW X6 because Audi has been on the crossover market longer than BMW.

To challenge BMW X6, Audi Q6 coupe crossover has been given the green light for the production earlier this year, which means that the three-door Audi Q4 that takes on the Range Rover Evoque will be banished. Well, new challenge requires sacrifice, don’t you think? The way we see it, Audi seems confident that their Audi Q6 coupe crossover will outrun BMW X6 and probably scores better sales number than the Audi Q4.

We still can’t imagine how the Audi Q6 coupe crossover looks like. Our best prediction will be the Audi Q6 coupe crossover will have a strange blend of looks. We do a little of counting for the upcoming Audi Q6 coupe crossover. You see, in 2010, the sales number for Audi Q7 increased by 37.1% compared to 2009 which rising around 47,700 units. On the other hand, the sibling from Audi Q6, the Audi Q5 scored a 32.4% growth to 155,000 sales.

Imagine this, if we add smaller Audi Q3 which we know it will be ready for the market soon, the upcoming Audi Q6 coupe crossover, Audi Q4, and Audi Q1, will make Audi’s Q line-up the most complete line-up of all car manufacturers.

An inside source from Audi stated that Audi Q6 coupe crossover and its siblings are coming. The first one to come around 2014 or 2015 will be Audi Q4 because it is the easiest one to make and it is the three-door version of the Audi Q5.

The Audi Q6 coupe crossover will be coming in 2016. Although no leak about performance details, we believe Audi has wide range selections of V6 for the Audi Q6. We really hope to see the competition between Audi Q6 coupe crossover versus BMW X6.

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