Audi – 2014 R8



Audi has done it again for 2014 with its styling team in coming up with a new direction as the R8 continues to sizzle.


R8 Audi 2014The Audi R8 exterior aesthetics have been improved for 2014 by stylists reworking the front shield and the rear bumper designs. The rear section remains very similar while the slightly redesigned front grille takes notice. The rims were also reinvigorated along with the side vents.  Exterior changes to the headlights and tailights are quickly more noticeable due to the inclusion of additional LEDs being intertwined for a more imposing appearance.  A "dynamic turn signal" function that runs an illuminated bar of 30+ LEDs in a sequential pattern captures immediate attention.


While the interior received minor changes including updated switch mechanisms and precision instrument needles, perhaps the most immediate change one will notice is the inclusion of "quilted leather" and matching "Alcantara" headliner material.


The R8 Audi  5.2 liter, V10, 550 HP engine package provides for a robust drive and an overall impressive performance.  The most significant change is the one made to the gear box which remains integral to the double clutch automatic transmission.  The design is both lighter and more compact which enhances the R8's performance. Audi will utilize the new "S-Tronic 7 Speed" twin-clutch transmission unit for this new 2014 generation Audi R8.  It provides for improved acceleration and enhanced fuel economy.  This replaces the old "R-Tronic" automated manual transmission which was known for slow shifting and somewhat shaky engagement.  The eight cylinder engine is dynamic and easily handles its aluminum/magnesium body structure which weighs in the neighborhood of 3,500 lbs.


The evolution of the Audi R8 is stunning made through its refined enhancements.  The revised styling combined with a new dual-clutch transmission and the addition of a V10 Plus model creates a 2014 Audi R8 certainly worthy of its $125K – $175K price tag.



Audi – 2014 R8 Stats



Engine/Motor:  5.2L V10, 550 HP


Transmission:  S-Tronic 7 Speed" twin-clutch transmission


Sprint Timing (0-60 Time):  3.5 Seconds


Drivetrain:  All-Wheel


Seating Capacity:  2


Max Speed:  200 MPH


Estimated MPG:  12 mpg/city



Audi – 2014 R8

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    SECOND ONE FERRAI 575 ( I Understand ) & CADILLAC Carpal tunnel syndrome & HUMMER

    I Really Hope That One IS LAMBORGHINI SOMETHING Or Even The AUDI R8 the same factor

    bcs AUDI Is the owner of LAMBO ( I Understand )

    what exactly speed orgy vehicle internet site this time around

  2. The 2013 M3 should really possess a turbo inline 6 creating 450 hewlett packard. The 2013 M5 and M6 includes a turbo V8 creating 555 hewlett packard. BMW doesn’t have a vehicle that may do -60 in under 4 seconds. Why does not BMW develop a faster vehicle? Consider the GT-R, C63 AMG, R8, SLS AMG, along with other rivals.

  3. My buddy and that i are getting a disagreement about that amounted to more an Audi R8 or perhaps a Toyota Supra. Should you could produce some evaluations about both of these cars that’d do well.

  4. Okay so my dream Vehicle may be the Audi R8. Now im only 16. In 10-15 more years just how much will this vehicle be, at this time its 114,000 dollars.

  5. My social club page is wrongly identified as itself, and Rockstar will not answer my emails. However, will i require the Social Club to unlock the License rewards? The website sys ‘in-game acheivements such as the Audi R8’, recommending I haven’t got to download it, which it’ll simply unlock after i complete the needs. Is that this true?

  6. Okay so my pal stated that he’s going to get his license within per week, after the his father will get him a audi r8 (the v10 version) for him. He states his father is really a stock broker and that he wants to obtain the vehicle to demonstrate to his buddies. Will it summarize right?? my pal appears like he’s saying fantasy lies. I am not even confident that his father is really a stock broker themself.

  7. I am evaluating cars and that i wanted to be aware what year the Aston Martin one-77 arrived on the scene so when the Audi R8 arrived on the scene.


  8. I needed the Audi R8 but it is only two door. Now I am attempting to search a Audi specific vehicle that’s 4 door.

  9. I’ve an Audi R8 RC vehicle but have forfeit the remote how do you obtain a alternative when i have no idea the regularity. Help.

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