2014 Audi R8 Brings the Supercar to the Next Level

Audi R8 Concept

You probably think that we are imagining way too far; but we already know what the 2012 model year of Audi R8 looks like. With the battle between pure-blood supercars with hybrid –oriented supercar, we just can’t help it that we afraid that the next generation of R8 will be ended up like Evo with its plug-in hybrid project rumor. Come on… we don’t another sacrifice here folks, although we pretty much aware that we can’t hold on to the fossil fuel forever.

As much as we curious about the facelifted Audi R8 which already scheduled for debut next year, we want to know where Audi will take the future of our one favorite supercar, or should we refer is as pure-blood supercar? Just so you know, the upcoming R8 will not only offer facelifted style, but also more powerful engine and a double-clutch gearbox.

You see, those specs are already giving us the thrill, then what can Audi offer us for the 2014 model year of R8? According to autoevolution.com, the next generation for Audi R8 will be not carrying too much fuss, but it will be simple and the most important is, it will be arrive as a pure and all-out supercar. Yeah, competing with the Porsche 911 seems like no longer Audi R8’s main goal because the supercar could be coming to after the Lamborghini.

To give you a bit of early description, the 2012 model year Audi R8 constructed from aluminum to save more weight as for the upcoming R8 could be brought to the next level by selecting carbon fiber as it main material. Well, the 2014 edition of R8 could be still at Audi’s R&D department right now as the German carmaker might be testing the selection of powerplant options which means that we can only rely on the current V8 and V10 although we hope that Audi will develop new engine range as well.

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